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Hello there


It’s been a while, have you missed me?

The reality is that I’ve done quite a bit of writing over on the Arekibo blog over the years and, not fully wanting to get into canonical-nonsense, I never did much about it. I’ve just realised that when we in Arekibo migrated our blog to Kentico CMS, we started fresh, removing all our older content. This makes sense; blogs tend to go stale, especially business blogs, and regular spring cleaning is healthy for analytics and staying relevant. However, I was very happy with a lot of that writing!

So, for my next trick, I’m going to try and migrate many of my old articles over to this site. It’s going to be quite the project resurrecting content and imagery and I may not always be successful, but do or do not; there is no try. It may also be the case that the old content is exactly that… old. In that case, I won’t bother if it’s outdated or no longer relevant.

Anyway, let’s see what happens, eh?